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Our Investment Fund

The Venture Builder, in association with our national and international partners, are developing an Investment fund for entrepreneurship and innovation, particularly startups and SME’s, to help foreign investors and to promote domestic entrepreneurship and innovation.

The main purpose is to, on one the hand, facilitate the financing of new companies and projects, and on the other, to have an increased budget, that will allow the investment in multiple promising companies, minimizing individual risk and increasing later returns.


Pitch Competition

The LSC Pitch Competition provides investors with the opportunity to meet face-to-face with new and up-and-coming startups. Investors can become part of a jury to select the most promising startups and even make an investment on their businesses or ideas.


Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa is the most attractive investment citizenship program or residence for investment in Europe and with it you can live in Portugal, and subsequently obtain Portuguese citizenship. You can aplly to the StartUP Visa – a residence visa for entrepreneurs, which aims to attract to Portugal investment, talent and innovation capacity..By investing and creating qualified employment, entrepreneurs can integrate a startup incubator in Portugal and benefit from all the incentives and support of the StartUP Portugal Program.
Any citizen who’s NOT part of the EU (European Union), EEA (European Economic Area) or Switzerland, and who makes a qualified investment in Portugal, will be entitled to Golden Visa and residence in Portugal.

Our Network

Our Association has been operating since 2005, with a large network of partners in Europe and Latin America, supporting the growth and innovation of entrepreneurship through many projects and activities:

Startups / SME’s



Our Programs

Astrolabe Program

Astrolabe is a global contest of impact business ideas. Together with partners in several countries, we open up opportunities for entrepreneurs like you, who think big.

Acceleration Growth

GROWTH is an internationalization program for the insertion of Latin American startups in Europe through one of the most promising innovation ecosystems in the world: Portugal.

Corporate Acceleration

We have developed a Corporate program based on the most prominent, advanced and successful acceleration programs developed so far. Our goal is to provide startup ventures with faster growth and consequentially to provide corporations with innovations and higher return-on-investments.

Our Team

Carlos Cortes

Business Angel, Investidor MBA

Prof. Dr. Fernando Gaspar

President of The Venture Builder

Mariana Nogueira

Entrepreneurship, Acceleration

Rui Ribeiro

Incubator Director

José Matos

European Union consultant

Rui Rego

Lawyer, Specialist in Business Law

Marino Thobias

CEO, Business Develop

Ricardo Normand

M&A, Capital Raising

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